Poem: In-Between – 24/09/20

My land of In-Between is glorious,
that space which cannot be defined,
can’t be plotted,
accurately located,
yet it houses my wealth of memories,
my heartfelt song,
prose, poetry,
the magic of my inner layers
which are only conducive to goodness,
and moral wealth.

Imagine a cloud-speckled sky,
with Sun gently winking,
mischievousness in her eyes,
a wooden chest appears,
which glorious beings heave into view,
its carvings elaborate –
specifically made for me,
long secreted away from you.

For now, I will allow your eyes
to fall upon this chest,
after all, I have permitted you entry
into my Land of In-between,
Then and Now,
I shall open it up with great nobility,
the masterful moment of
revelation feels truly amazing.

But once the interior is viewable,
inside there is nothing to see,
at least for you,
but for myself,
a visible wealth of memories.

The feelings, intense emotions which
wash over,
permeate my entire being
are so utterly cleansing
that I feel I’m experiencing them a second time,

With confusion, I see you glance away,
you look hurt, cheated,
as though I permanently masked from you
my thoughts, memories, dreams,

I call you ardently,
but you seem intent on your desire to leave.

I cannot please everyone,
I’ve been struggling and striving to do
this for so long,
no longer will I lose who I am
because some can’t accept me,
I am myself,
and that surely must be enough.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash


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