Poem: Change – 24/11/20

The times are changing, my dear friends, my heart is no longer in tatters, I don’t need to make amends, I have said what I’ve said, and in rebuke another spoke their own words, allow us to simply remain separate and ponder, there’s no longer any need to hiss nor attend any longer. There is so much time but so little in fact, [...]

Poem: Bright Stars – 07/11/20

Bright stars shine in my eyes, I soak them in like they’re available to take for all mine, to pluck at them and stow away into my hidden spaces, into the cracks and tears that have been left by the decisions that I thought wouldn’t result in this, where time is the only cure. I’ve never been here before, beneath this sea of sparkle that encompasses and revolutionises my mind and memories, [...]