Poem: The Butterfly – 19/11/20

The butterfly, with her wings so wide,
carries no weight of the world upon her mind.
She is here for but the blink of a moment,
her beauty is there, she shows it,
and within our hearts,
we observe her growing love for her wandering times. 

She does not know the shortness of her lifespan,
maybe she does and does not show it to us,
the common woman or man,
she just flits here and there,
carefree, without concern,
she’s here, she’s there,
with such grace and flair,
love for her beautiful world,
she careens about without a care.

For her, things aren’t complicated,
it’s all about the flight,
the joy,
upon the wind, the ride,
and her amazement at seeing,
something so freeing upon the horizon.

She is delicate but so too is she strong,
understand that first impressions aren’t 
necessarily wholesome truth,
within she is flamboyant,
you dared assumed otherwise?
You were entirely wrong. 

She has blessed your world with her presence,
danced about within your vision,
brightened your world if but for a moment,
my darlings,
remember her,
her heart and intentions are potent.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash


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