Poem: Change – 24/11/20

The times are changing, my dear friends,
my heart is no longer in tatters,
I don’t need to make amends,
I have said what I’ve said,
and in rebuke another spoke their own words,
allow us to simply remain separate and ponder,
there’s no need to hiss nor attend
any longer.

There is so much time but so little in fact,
we must take hold of our world,
I can throw my arms wide open
and shine, be free,
so many future tales yet to tell,
I won’t shrink like a violet,
I’ll growl, I’ll bombastically yell.

Arm in arm, a friend and I tell stories,
daily we share our thoughts,
there for support and friendship
especially so when things fell apart,
I know so,
that she will always have a place within
my heart.

Others too, even those who chose to depart,
memories held onto
with firm, powerful charm,
I will recall them,
I will remember certain moments,
times of happiness and joy,
but I will wave them aside in my mind,
because goodbye was fitting,
they weren’t meant to stay.

So, my dear friends,
I am existing and I am enjoying,
I am living, and I am seeing,
I am powering on,
I am taking time to bask,
and not being forced to answer every question
that has been asked.

Stay, stay,
I used to call,
believe in yourself and live, I now tell myself.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash


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