Poem: The Fields – 14/11/20

I wander,
the fields are blooming with colour,
they’re illustrious, I’ve heard of them from afar,
they have been calling from yonder.

Their brightness is healing,
I feel their hues trickle into my soul,
my spirit enlivens,
there are some things I don’t need
to tell.

Let the quietness be permitted,
the expressions be subdued,
at least from a visual standpoint,
between the winding hills and the
babbling brook.

I don’t know what is more potent,
the past or the present,
but I hope to know,
I hope to learn of them.

And so, I rise from the shallows
that kept me in their midst,
the liquid that was constricting,
no matter how little there was of it,
and allow me now to flow,
in the river that breathes and goes,
the flowers to the side,
they know,
they know.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Mester Ilona on Unsplash


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