Poem: We, the Featherhead Spirits – 01/04/21

We, the Featherhead Spirits, have much to offer the world. We dream in whirligigs, and seashells, and bunches of perfect pink pearls. We clutch onto hope, and fizz, and brightness that comes with positive things, and our hearts are content, we love to rise and accept everything that have been delivered, the goodness which Life has sent and brings.

We, the Featherhead Spirits, come in many shapes and forms. We understand that there is more to the world than can bear or beg to belong, but we accept there is a rhyme and reason to everything we’ve seen or heard. We extend our gratitude to the moon and stars, to the sun in its pure element, to the universe in its true intent, and we accept that there’s nothing less than love to be had when we open our willing arms for what is good and decent. 

We, the Featherhead Spirits are blessed as can be, we absorb the charismatic tunes that have been thrown to them, to us, to me, and we, the Featherhead Spirits, our plumage so beautiful and rough, grant us deliverance from that which is required, it is enough, it is enough. 

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

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