Poem: Moving on Out – 30/04/21

Image drawn by myself, 2019

Things may seem unwarranted,
like the Universe has delivered ‘unfair’,
and mental aches pain you from knowing
that from this place,
you’ll soon have to vacate here.

But know that while
you’ve been dealt certain undesirable cards,
feel the warmth and concern of others,
you don’t need to trip, 
nor fall hard. 

How to escape a circumstance
you particularly are loathe to leave?
Much rather remain, would you, 
I can see, feel this, 
the worry on your face,
the heartache worn on your sleeve. 

Try not to yearn for something 
which can no longer be,
perhaps a new beginning
is awaiting you, 
maybe soon you will see. 

All these material possessions
which once held great import, 
toss them aside, 
it’s time to lighten yourself, 
and stridently move forward. 

And remember when you’re feeling sad,
or particularly low, 
I’ll always be here to listen, 
provide kind words, support, 
this you must already understand
and know. 

(c) 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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