Poem: Moving on Out – 30/04/21

Things may seem unwarranted, like the Universe has delivered 'unfair', and mental aches pain you from knowing that from this place, you'll soon have to vacate here. But know that while you've been dealt certain undesirable cards, feel the warmth and concern of others, you don't need to trip, nor fall hard. How to escape a circumstance you particularly are loathe to leave? Much rather remain, would you, [...]

Poem: Denounced – 01/01/21

Not right, not right, not right. Matchmaking is more than a plight, I shall denounce the insolence with a single breath into the dead of night. Who minds that only I am the one who breathes, flames flicker by my outstretched hands, extended sleeves, I shall not learn what it means to flee. [...]

Poem: Hoarder – 08/10/20

He hoards not objects, not physical implements but emotions, he caresses them, they express their feelings heard and meant. But he greedily takes these from others, swipe, snatch, grab, one hand carries the contents of another’s heavy heart, another carries pain and loathing in the other hand which seems it shan’t ever [...]