Poem: living fate – 16/11/21

greedily I take that Fate wash me down take selection of late admiringly I grin, accepting the moment just that while this is a date I take his hand he offers me I feel less alone but I don’t need another to adore me but commonplace these emotions be? I just need the ability to continue to breathe without any nuances or heaving consumptives my chest is burning from exertion much intrepid condemnation and what I must say is that I am aware enough for all of them, [...]

Poem/Spoken Word: insomniac – 15/11/21

never again will I allow myself to fall upon the railway sleepers walking insomniac nightly anything but a daydreamer eyes wide, hollowed, intrigued, not: I will follow the path of rightness – aliveness and damnation? NO attack that silence and go. zombified, staring at the keys pretending to be straight when my intent is bent sniggering to myself boy am I so clever im going under into the depths of my distress [...]

Poem: uncontrollable – 13/11/12

the uncontrollable nature as the shades begin to groan blossom apparently in fruition but aching in a row floral paper-maché, delicate yet growing stronger i cannot hold myself together unlike the kaleidoscope i succumb i fall under what is left but my wavering resolve shaking with anticipation my heart it aches it moans it's existing in the screaming drivel of itself to annihilate everything before me i want need have to delve [...]

Poem: wild dance – 11/11/21

I dance with my heart in the moon’s mouth he treasures it gently, carries it lightly never will he drop it because he is divining surely total ineptitude I sit here hands open wide and smile give me my heart back I speak with earnest he shakes his head a little while and sighs and relinquishes as he views my desperation to once again be in pure contemplation in recipient of my beating heart filled with fervour and pace like a startled rabbit I need it I want it he hands it to me reinsertion: my heart begins to race [...]

Poem: steely gorges – 10/11/21

bombastic the moment is fantastique when I shudder with deep peace it’s overall amazing but consequences consequences of this goddamned show pantomime the pleasure, suffering, will I watch it go? I acknowledge it is worthy of being much adored the events forthcoming unexpected yet awaited something silently asked, yearned for it’s inherently palatable this desire we can call home but indulgences in memorandum are dangerous won’t we desire them less? No, let the heart roam. [...]