Poem: changes – 10/11/21

I sing to the gods for they provide sustenance
nectar sweet, lustrous
twinkling, sparkling, flowing wine,
don’t touch my tongue though
without alteration I’ll be fine

I love that life can promise so much
if you seek it
positive attitude
the goodness flows through me
the gods and goddesses smile at me
upon me their expressions are the same
proud, joyous that I’ve come so far
darkness grew so old
had to be tamed

I warble with my daily tasks
look forward to completing even menial things
without being asked
it’s such a lightness I feel within
now that I appreciate so much more
dare I say everything?

untoward may be certain moments
but I can look at them without tainted eyes, thoughts,
they no longer conjoin with my mindset
I turn my thinking around
appreciate what there is to gain
from times that do not initially please
because appreciating what is being presented
sometimes takes a little twisting.

I feel the warmth radiate within my heart
rare are times of mood swings or upsets
non showy
not up in arms
I am simply living life in a pleasant way
because I’m happy with myself
much more than those yesterdays.

changes came when I paved my way.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

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