Poem: self-worth – 09/11/21

but metaphorically speaking
I won’t take the high road that they think
is coming
I’ll continue to work hard
true grit
correct technique
be assured that I won’t take shortcuts
there’s no point in doing so.

I have to watch myself and treasure the miles ahead and
respect myself,
and not allow others to disrespect
or not take heed of the fact that I am

don’t walk over me
don’t tread upon me
downtrodden I will not be
it’s not their way but what needs to suit me
it’s not selfish to make sure that
the decisions I make are right for my life
my health
my mental state

don’t denigrate me, ignore me,
think I’m available last minute
here and now, later, or provide loose excuses
this and that,
I have learned my worth over the years
I am not a mouse being played with cats
toyed with, pawed at, ending in disaster
no, I won’t allow it any longer.

if I’m truly treasured by others, wanted in their lives
they’ll show this in ways that exhibit care, concern,
nothing to leverage, nothing to manipulate,
for them to gain,
no, our relationships, friendships, mutually beneficial
intentions all the same.

this is why I hold only certain ones close
these days I have discerned
I decided that enough was enough
that I am not to be treated like a piece of dirt
but with love, feeling, heart and soul.
I treasure my ones with equal love.  
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

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