poem: pebble – 30/01/22

HolidayThis stonethis innocuous pebble breaks me breaks you, breaks us, aparttearing rolling down the barrel of a shotgun heartI may not know true heartache now but in the past that thing broke mepieces of an imperfect mosaic flewthese shards of myself not smokable but certainly shattered and vein-like-bluefatigue of life overtakesall the same shade of [...]

brew – 29/01/22

A devoted lovea timely course of medicationinterventiontimes of ascensionbut more the fall the paranoia indeedI’ve become part of that worldand it’s brought me to my kneesI slither and crawl like a serpent queenmedusa’s hair is unravelling so it seemsI do not know, I cannot undo,the times of manipulation, distress, and a delicious inkling of you.soups [...]

poem: war of the worlds/calling to archangels – 25/01/22

Brother and SisterThe brothers come closerthey materialise into viewexpecting the expectant dame to cry ‘adieu adieu’but she will not falllike a tree in the quiet woods she will not be felled,not even by a dark witch doctor withmany alibis to tell.he holds the keys,swings with her melodies,he rhymes and rhymes,in unison in style,like youngest and [...]

Frustrated: 15/01/22

I over the melodramaticsThe bullshit sycophanticthe apparent rambling lunaticswhom do not know how to please themselves without easetheir problems can be oursBut I'm sick of being helpful divine whose put downI will launch a grenade and set myself alightI will smile as I dance with the powder beeswaxing with the moon and his counterpart Saturn [...]

The rise : today – 12/01/22

my heart, oh my heart, it fills my mouth spills onto my chest a plethora of liquid love well blessed because I expelled those demons those pains those sufferings those feeling of inadequacy of needing to be noticed and appreciated by the lot of them I don’t need to be understood any longer I don’t [...]