spoken word: united as one – 05/01/22

united as one recording my mind,my heart my body my soulthree unite know my allto time I am like a raging river gushed by a future seathere is reverence, not irreverence, yearning, deep within metemper yet the strangeness the dictations and rhythms of timesmile widely in the circumstancesbaby girl you’ll always remain minethere are times [...]

Poem: keys – 23/12/21

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com keysthe blueprint of my life thus mappedformerly detailed and bent,corrected straightenedlight peaceful direct,and pointed, poignant, heaven sent….I don’t digress, live for momentsfor the poetess within now turns to justiceI smile so widely and beam politelyknowing that the blueprint is fine and dandy there’s no need for alterationsno locks changed ill-communicationsthe [...]


perfection bliss amazingly savedunreasonable disarmingcorrections to a namethe entwining of notions the screenplay the utter commotionswe love to inflict the drama and bend a chink in your armour the truth is that we come with spells we come with magic we come with flighty yells the anonymity of the moment is shafted away because now, [...]

eye of light

the eye of light, it sees it delivers, it brings forth the time of carriages and wandering nomads and princesses and nightshadesit speaks of wonder and prisms and eyesI, I, I's, that glare at me, glint at me, surreptitiously, but... not really. I sit and wonder with him by my side, the one true support [...]