recollections: part 1 – a quick explanation – 23/02/22

Script Part 1 – A Quick Explanation There are moments in which I live to dream with caution. I know not the best of them, but damn well am I sure of some of them. When my heart will pound with the deepest tributes known to thee, the swinging songs, the flowing throngs trailing behind reverently, gowns so laced, so beautifully. I do know the truth here, that love will conquer all, these brides, these goddesses, will surely ascend to their throne, for the men or women within their lives have come here, arrived, with a certainty to tell, there is no agenda in the limelight, and there’s a potency with such well-meaning time.

poem: lovers – 22/02/22

pathways and journeyman women and lovers come along, stay by their aid they are stoic, they are calmers, they wear quiet forms of armour, protected by the ones they love, their swords, their shields are made more potent, because fighting evil and chasms and voids can be dark work all done in a night and days, without a form of talk. Focus not upon the irreverent, the naysayers, the belligerents, and instead become entranced with beauty, melody and love, there is power within, if you see the beauty of a dove released from closed hands, with the most delicate of ease, lovingly, lovingly, lives attended, we, the couple will dream, and no