poem: which side to choose? – 27/02/22

by Lauren M. Hancock

choosing which side to take,
it’s really not that hard,
to rise and rise with great distinction
or to sink and remain at large.

there’s no shame in being positive and pretty
with my words I will conflate them, will engorge them
with slim and shaded shadows
the truth has already been forged,
lusciously, freely.

the time I take with every piece
I spit it out as though an undesired precious dream,
a nightmare in fact, some have come to be
but only in my dwindling ill-durations,

have respect for some and respect for all
but what matters most when you’re in the presence of ghosts
who make you laugh and cry and everything in between
is this truth in itself
is this really what it seems?

more so humankind who seemed to
prey upon me
seemed to play with my weaker points
reading my life
enabled the training
those clicks and turns all the while
delicately, indelicately?
there’s nothing, just an indelible style.

I did not, do not appreciate being treated
with operant conditioning
I am not an animal, I am myself
I am a woman above and underneath
and between.

speak not of those sickening months and years
nor my fears, anxiety, poor Jurassic tears
there is nothing sycophantic
in my words right now.

I will rise and rise
and you’ll see –
you’ll see how far I’ll go.

I have the tricks I have the honesty
I, I have the expertise
I have the know-how,
I have it all,
I possess my keys,
whether high or low-brow.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Image from Pixabay


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