poem: lovers – 22/02/22

pathways and journeyman
women and lovers come along, stay by their sides
they are stoic, they are calmers,
they wear quiet forms of armour,
protected by the ones they love,
their swords, their shields are made more potent,
because fighting evil and chasms and voids can be dark work
all done in a night and days,
without a form of talk.

Focus not upon the irreverent,
the naysayers, the belligerents,
and instead become entranced with beauty,
melody and love,
there is power within, if you see the beauty of a dove
released from closed hands, with the most delicate of ease,
lovingly, lovingly, lives attended,
we, the couple will dream,
and now with our army of light and love,
we will make new pathways,
shining a light upon the cause.

there is nothing, Nothing, that can’t be stated for the truth,
I am there for this moment, I am here for the proof,
and I will become enchanted with the whistles,
the chirps among the trees.
O’ hark, a galah, oh hark, a kookaburra,
and hark, a morning magpie, and her lover,
and baby together.

The bent head of a dying rose that’s really just sleeping,
prune her not,
her scent so forbidden, only those worthy will sense her
but never she censor her true remaining thoughts.
She has already done so by ivy wrapped around her base,
the shrapnel hidden tightly around her waist,
the armour tickling her jaw-defined face.
And a prince will lean in and breathe in the scent of her,
never forgotten, never to forget, that moment when these two
had met.

© Copyright 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Image from Pixabay

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