prosody: sunshine – 22/02/22

During these times we need sunshine, love, affirmations and more, for the sun to shine through the dreary clouds. To bring forth the brightness within thee, to allow the circumstances to slowly ease. There is in a knowing in what comes forth, what will come next, dare I breathe, exhale, set a task? There is something glorious in again coming to know myself, because, when we take on our souls’ travesties and refill it with love, we can rejuvenate the world. Matter not the errors of the past, or the irreverent goals which we surely achieved at a half mast. Matter not do these conformities, these desires, the way I unwound myself with ease. Delicately, I broke myself over and over again, as a means, as means, to achieve my end. And then together I tried to make myself be. I grabbed the pieces, the shards of me. The broken mirror, the tainted glass. The errors of this world are half-cast shades of pink and blue, perhaps purple and green, or orange and white, tiger tales to be seen, sheer delight. And what say you to remain on guard, forever analysing this precious, beautiful world? I know not of these things, not anymore, for I am beginning to relax, become less anxiety driven, and becoming myself at long last Trust, it’s potent potion, is beginning as a spell to be cast. 
© Copyright 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved. 

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