Birdie – 07/02/22

Elaborate portions of minuets minuets

Dancing in the halls of suns where we met

I don’t know about you but I’m the go-between

Apparently I sing minstrel songs to a king.

Never cage a bird nor keep it tame

The dangers and perils of doing so,


J’taime j’taime?

I neither love that king nor adore his queen

But assuming late, abhor?

No, the bird will just escape from her door.

There is nothing tragic about this tale,

A Bird is meant to be captured,

Don’t we know this too well?

Spoken words by an arrogant queen

An insufficient man of means

And damsels in distresses —

Why, they’re barely now ever heard of or seen.

Escape seems futile, for beneath it all,

The treason and travesty of the effect was so strong.

But you cannot blame her you cannot cage this bird

For she is coming right now

Rest as she rests and rests assured.


(C) 2022 copyright Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.


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