How to right the path of inhabitable processes?

How to right the path of inhabitable processes

Undo the damage during manic and psychotic catharsis

Lay a shoulder on the gloom of my dear shoulder

Which shoulders the weight of sharp words paranoia then inevitable inertia

I can’t undo undo

But I can address the well meant template

Explain I am never usually, well, in this way

I floss I floss in the river of gloom

Now hiding in moments

Adverbs of deep hushed blue

Most mightn’t understand

But I shouldn’t need to detail further processes

Tektites and andromorohirs,

good omens never ceased, no apparition.

No apparitions indeed. Yet growing weary we remain steadfast

This birthday suit we carry

And in that moment my brain mind shifts

Alchemy the lure permit the transformation to occur.

(C) 2022 Lauren M Hancock. All rights reserved.


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