Poem: ridding of evil – 16/02/21

Ridding oneself of evil

Blind purgatory as we fall,

Dragging them down

Then rising, no fall

I have enlightened these spirits

I bring them to melodies,

I sing for my instance

Hear the calls.

I will sing for these

I wander not the graveyard

Nor passageways of hell

Nihilism nihilism there’s not nothing there at all

But a wide vast waiting corridor


For hearts broken whelped no more

I will conjure conjure and then the timing will be now

I will dance upon the streetways and macabrely tell

Then to be quiet to be careful

Watch my path oh the path with ease

A mammoth fall won’t know it all

Fly, do I dare? subterfuge already, aware?

Because one decided to flagrantly dream

Here come the hues

I shan’t be afraid no more

I will never call my, our names out

For we have much to tell.

Much and much but I won’t breathe a peep

Little slim prancer, a little random,


Instead speak my truths my praises

A welcoming land is awaiting pathway Just begun

I won’t pledge allegiance to the wrong views anymore

I will peruse independently

And this won’t be a spell

I will grow in requirements

Taking on prerequisites, unveil,

Perhaps not because I’m already a master of something that’s unknown to most as of yet

And trundle away

Begin the affray

And times and times will NEVER EVEN TELL

(c) Copyright 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.

Image from Pixabay

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