Poem: a winding tale 15/02/22

The wolfpack has appeared

theyre kind and proud and true

guiding me with circumstance andn power to see me through

they howl and bay at the growing moon 

theyre arisen so self assured

but teach me, nein, I’ll teach them naught,

we have

skills to rise and trot.

like ponies there are rearings 

on a carousel there are reckonings

interjections please, 

dont irritate with ease, 

with lightening speed I’ll fly through the breeze.

their manes they are growing glowing 

with eyes as fierce as fire

who knows what perturbs them hour upon hour

and unknowing is the fact of these –

she will dance and dance within 

like sprite’s hearts and wings will fly indeed

and then to a microchosm a cell she will relate

an embryo created within a darling that will come too late

she’s paining in the abdomen or perhaps paining in the shield

what’s more is not less a determiner for the future future trysts

lay down within that field… 

I shall not be open with every single thought

no longer sharing every devilish or angelic words signed or taught

and melodies I have created within my very own head

these are spellings I create for myself 

and they will rest just as I rest within bed

I may go on at length 

I may throw in metaphorical nouse 

but I’m damned sure as proud that I could avoid the tidings of that day

and here’s the point 

let’s reach it – cut loose

no longer hovering there in the breeze

the mob have gone in distaste

no more nooses 

as of late. 

(c) Copyright 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.

Original artwork by myself.

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