prose poetry: darkness, shadows and light – the shadow self – 01/04/22

I wait, I await the next move, next breath, whispered words my way.
I awaken to the heat of the sun upon my chest, arching toward a grinning face, expressing his thoughts in pairs, triplets, like slices of opal they are luminescent, glorified, surrounded by greys, rather like the view of some of my recent past lives; rainbow flashes, encased by moody, dark dismay.

I look within and ask myself, do I possess a devilish factor that screams for an entity, for one to become mine, true epiphany? Speaking from the outset, I realise I am mostly an anomaly, in terms of depth and darkness; I can persuade my shadow self to grow and escape with me.
Gently, I call it forth.

The darkness rises and light recedes, a training path, a captain’s need, and wondering about the truth of the open palms, read them, read them, don’t use them to disarm, please! Only tell me my path, Teller, the path which I do seek, and the rest, well, the rest, take it away, deplete! I need no bad news, neither do I need an understanding of coming undone, I have already been there, and to take that path again, no, I shan’t further join with darkness as one.

But my ‘darkness’ is a purer sort, it comes from a good, rich place, I do not wish to harm anyone, I am powerful, I am shade, I am depth; I know which parts I need to resurrect. There is always be an ‘evil’ side to every soul, if it is cajoled out, and there is a dark side that is safe to rise forth and know, and there is the light, the light source that begs everyone to touch, see, the miraculous nature of human nature, positivity. But we, and myself cannot exist without shadow, without shade, it’s a contrast to make the light shine bright, and without the depth how could we appreciate the true soul, which is darkness and light, together, conjoined as we should know.

It’s time to explore the power within, both brightness and depth, and watch each other grow. For those whom are willing, those whom are able to seek this chance, the path sought will be interesting, soul-searching, perhaps spirit bending or destroying, but always at the end, growth, and inflation of the mind’s abilities, understanding of one’s eases and difficulties, why, these are what should matter, in the grand scheme of things. Self-exploration, a great factor indeed, dare I say an essential need?

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.

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