Poem: Dull Tongue – 15/09/20

I must move on, my tongue, dull and tired, can no longer remain clipped. I must move forth, in realising I am deserving of much more. I must step forward, understanding that I am worthy, I am priceless, I must go on, because I am strong, I am wise, and I must exercise this intelligence. For many hours, I sat here bubbling and brewing, [...]

Poem: Jagged Picture – 27/04/20

Rivulets of broken seams, the crackling of irritation heaves and gleams, beneath a thin surface a heated secret boils it festers, does she wish to be anything other than what and how her impatient heart can muster?   There’s no calm in the desert creek where parched tongues refused to get along the sandpaper-like exterior [...]