Poem: Pull Apart – 20/06/21

Pull me apart,
limb by limb,
tear me arm from arm,
I hope your curiosity bore me no
purposeful, intended harm.

You wanted to play,
you wanted to see,
what was lurking in my land here,

Did you enjoy the games,
find what you sought,
how could you leave me with hurt
strung so taut?

How did you find me, love?
Did your memories travel,
so easily, back and then forth?

Sifting through cobwebs,
string in your fingers,
wrapped up, falsified love?

You prepared me for
a circumstance
and then carelessly flung me aside,
I beg you, beseech you:
begone! Leave!
How can my sorrows be disguised?

I pant erratically,
extract myself from the
chaotic scene,
deceit effaces all traces of
pleasure I’ve worn within,

torn apart, tear away,
though I’ll repair each day,
sewn together,
shamelessly adaptable mind,
a rich tapestry:
resilient, valiant heart,

I sing as I repair,
once yours,
now all on me:
a triumphant work of art,
dragged apart again?
This, you’ll never see.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image from Pexels

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