Poem: Beautiful or Ugly – Spoken Word Audio and Text – 10/07/20

Audio: Beautiful or Ugly
Your anger.
It starts, hissing,
a face contorting uncontrollably,
a tic here,
you’re growing stronger and far more beautiful
as your emotions arise,
of your internal nature I become aware,
each decision you decide.

Most people view your state
as ugly,
as something appalling,
but your anger, darling,
it shows me your turmoil is 
well and alive;
you’re amazing with how much you feel,
I’m being honest.

Your stomach twists you
into knots,
the grinding of teeth makes you
remember, remember,
the taste of frustrated tears
squeezed from the corners of
eyelids that will never

Your ability to avoid the truce,
the agreement,
to live and let go,
your stubborn nature is wondrous,
it is sheer beauty to me
because it displays your
dedication to how we once were,
to how our lives used to be.

Thus, allow these tears to stream,
they burn troughs deep
in your puffy, irritated cheeks,

and remember that though I’ll
not always be here
I will always be there
if in your heart
you’ll cherish me.

Your anger,
such beauty,
to some, it’s pure ugly.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay

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