Poem: Free-Spirited Heart – 19/06/21

You, my spirit friend,
are an armour.
A shield against the
Outside World.

You guard so I can swell
with inner light,
shine forth,
brightly shine,
and twirl.

You accompany me
as my life I attend,
poppies growing higher,
I sniff, bent head,
behind your warmth,
your barrier
I can be,
I am growing like little poppies,
so delicate and free.

You watch with pride
as I explore the world,
listen to my bubbling pearls,
shared words of wisdom,
windows of advice,
entered my life
at the point of thrice.

This free-spirited heart,
she is confident, yes,
but with discourse,
her heart grows bigger,
but less

is the moment
when she needs
many helping hands,
yours is the one who
clears past life’s memories,
the ones which do not need to be saved.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image from Pexel.com

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