Poem: Awakening – 27/11/19

The loneliness is incredible, with my heart an empty vessel, who to confide in? who to reach for? When I ache inside, wishing, wishing for more.   To be understood, not unfairly judged, acknowledged, not cast aside or looked upon with a negative view. It’s as simple as realising sometimes, an understanding embrace with no [...]

Poem: Fruit and Veg – 22/11/19

A charming little scene, a still life in my mind, an aubergine, an orange, a laughing apple with squinting eyes.   The contended little aubergine is centred in our sight, while the mischievous orange directly to the side seems to know something, we can tell this from his grin and laughingly delighted eyes.   And [...]

Poetry: An Eyesore – 11/11/19

Herein lies this creature, the cause for great alarm. Idly he stares at you, dead socket, your heart beats, skips and thumps.   You’ve never seen a thing like this, the glassy glossy sheen is making you spin, there’s nothing living beneath the surface, surely? Though you’re still frightened, this creature makes you feel so [...]