Poem: Luminous – 22/07/21

I am brightness within eyes and
air between wings,
rise with me,
moods heightened,
how amazing salvation is.

I have been forgiven and it was
granted many years before,
acceptance, realisation,
have long been in the making,
my life, my world,
I now treasure, I adore.

Acknowledgement of the
gravity of my former situations,
I know now how darkly luminous my fate glowed,
whilst glowering were heavy eyes
above my form,
their unhappy windows,
but still they watched over me,
for then, for future tomorrows –

I had protection from angels,
from generations of loved ones,
from heaven above,
and the benevolent calming God.

How else could I describe my survival —
triumphs over tribulations,
scraped stifling walls for air,
learned to be humble,
in reality, I could be away from here,
six feet under,
or scattered in pieces,
what a moment to comprehend,
how one might shudder.

I lived under calculated stares,
by some, I suspect I was abhorred,
raging thoughts,
temporary damning thunder,
they’ve forgotten with time,
softness beneath me grows,
a sense of quiet personal power.

An important being to some, to many?
Yet to others, a nameless entity,
and now here I am,
within the arms of comfortability,
of safety,
and most grateful I am,
gracious in Life’s undertaking,
because I know,
I understand,
I comprehend that my place within this world
is something to respect,
for I have been spared from a fate
potentially dared and wiped,
into nothingness I would have become,

faceless, lost,

yet here I am,
like a turtledove
I have returned to the flock.

I am at one with them,
I am treasured,
I am youthful yet I am growing old,
life is amazing once I’ve accepted it,
truth be told:

of its glorious moments
there are so many forthcoming, past and current,
of Life’s glorious abundance,
I am sold.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Monica Turlui from Pexels

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