poem: the colours, a beginning – 11/03/22

The colours, they always brought me hope,
Aura-binding, hue-enhancing,
Pink, yellow, blue, green, indigo,
But where is the pink, the love I know?
I went through life from goals to achievements,
Strengths to knowledge,
Triumph and growth,
But I fell apart,
Underlying predisposition,
Some of us break at the seams,
Myself: undiagnosed manic depressive.
Etching large shadowy figures on my
Bedroom walls,
Tears they would fall,
Such joy, elation at some
Then tirades I’d turn,
Over perfectionism,
What was going on…?
My warning signs?
Even I failed to learn.
So begins my tale,
Decade-long struggles
Horrifying relapses to be

witnessed and unfold
Truth be told
Not all needs enormous detail…
(C) 2022 Lauren M. Hancock poetry and prose. All rights reserved.
Image from Pixabay

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