Poem: Prosperous Knowing – 28/08/21

While there may be times, occasions, where our world eases it way out of a desired page, when the messages sent our way are not the type that we would want to have saved, why, we wonder, is our pathway so twisted, so many offshoots for us to forcibly explore? I’ll tell you this, we must map this path stridently, assuredly capture it as ours. [...]

Micropoetry: Soulful Nature – 26/08/21

truest nature of the soul will shine unto the light, creating carriers, pathways away from darkness into the night, echoing, reverberations of goodness 'neath nestled shrouded warmth, armfuls of wonder, hearts joined in circumstance, yours, mine, forever healed, mine and yours. compassion opens sleepy eyes, careful mouthy yawns. what awaits us this present early morn? what will take us away from dawn?