Poem: Prosperous Knowing – 28/08/21

While there may be times,
where our world eases it way out of a desired page,
when the messages sent our way are not the type
that we would want to have saved,
why, we wonder, is our pathway so twisted,
so many offshoots for us to forcibly explore?
I’ll tell you this,
we must map this path stridently,
assuredly capture it as ours.

Do not wander down garden paths
that seem too delectable to be,
neither stride down avenues that tempt and tease
with outrageously perfect dreams,
for life requires us to work, and work hard,
and the blessings that are granted to us,
we will accept them with open arms.

Understand the wisdom we encapsulate
while struggling and experiencing ease of flowing,
momentous knowing in that we are not
limited by our past incorrect understandings,
moving into one path, one street,
one highway, with prosperous thinking,
I enable myself with wandering and openly flowing,
how will you carry yourself in that path you are at last knowing?
With beauty of inner understanding?
Or proud stature, stately knowing?

While we are complete the way that we are,
there is always room for improvements,
in the manner that I know we are capable of,
personal growth, consciousness, our development,
soul journeying as we’d never known it.
Now’s the time for us to find it,
for this mission, this power,
for us to embrace and enable it.  

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. This is just divinely penned, my dear Lauren! That last stanza is simply magical, each of your words leaped into my heart. I am in awe, my friend…this piece is beyond breathtaking 🖤🤗

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