Thank You!

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you all: my blog now has over 400 followers! I am both so humbled and excited by this. I never would have thought when I started my site a year and a month ago that I would have so many fellow creatives interested in viewing my work. [...]

Offshore Reader Award!

RULES FOR ACCEPTING THIS AWARD: Thank the person who nominated you.Include the award image on your post- link to image here.To know more about the award, click here.Add a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.Answer the question given to you.Nominate at least 2 other bloggers.Ask your own question (optional). Nomination: Thank you to [...]

Post: There is Hope – 14/04/20

There is hope if you look hard enough, Among the shadows that lurk and loom, No matter how difficult To discern, When our prying eyes have had enough, We spot that glimmer, That shimmer – A glistening snail’s trail Leading to that foreign place That certainly is not home But it calms you in a [...]