poem: fifty shades of tears (Instagram prompt) – 16/06/22

Fifty shades of tears

and sixty shades of fear

a hundred thousand pounding heartbeats

a million yearning fingers clawing 

dragging each another near.

She does not understand

nor accept the desire of theirs

but her aching, manic thoughts so frantic 

convolutions near, and…

defensively, besmirching names of others

who strolled past or within her way,

she is determined to change, alter

she wishes not to bother with current affray

for this nonsense must be laid to rest

the desire of others so fabricated 

based on her visual alterations,

the penny need not drop,

she’s already aware of the situation 

she shall not be loved only for her shell,

accept her on both sunny days and storms, 

and during explosive personal hells,

she’s a layered scene

so many levels to explore and delve

surprised or not, overwhelmed or underwhelmed. 

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose
Artwork: KELLEPICS on Pixabay

Author’s note: This was written for “fifty shades of tears” from June prompts by @bruisedwaye on Instagram. 🙂

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