poem: decisions – 29/04/22

There are traits within that I pursue
to make better or more settled 
to correct myself anew 
to advance forth, to speak a humbling truth,
to start a path, 
or reach for one which I’d already made new.

Should I travel in a manner that is 
safer, in a way?
Or take the chance to work hard at what 
I have maybe been gifted with,
advance here for another day?

What shall I be known for,
shall it be my words,
heartache, sweeping sorrow,
advancing, manifesting, awe?

To have words represent my lifetime,
personal growth, reckless love,
yearning from up above,
tied lines,
tiredness, repetitiveness,
shall I not wish for that process anymore?

And delicately, as though a moth, asymmetrical though
I will spread my wings,
their loose scales cast about my form
like dust of a fairy whose taken flight
is a must 

And I’ve made my decision
perhaps I can live in both
the world of feeling, and the land of dreaming
imagination shared by all

With a delectable joyousness
I’ve assumed the position 
of living on the border,
two lands brought together,
the result of these soon I’ll know.

© Copyright 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Image from Pixabay

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