poem: rainbow tears

rainbow tears stream from crystal eyes
the making, the madness,
of where I’m 
wonderful and wise
then empty and sad 
these colours are thus grey
but rainbow tears of happiness 
can still linger for another day. 

the different moods, different faces which 
spring forth from within
I now embrace them 
I welcome them
I allow them to be seen 
because it is in moments of darkness
of dejection and bleakness 
that my rainbow tears give themselves away
they are in comparison to my shadows 
in which bitterness or negativity 
can themselves truly lay.

rainbow tears may stream down my face
my cheeks trailing with colourful paths 
so brightly placed
but their shades are so welcome
a mixture of hope, sadness and soul,
of joy and reverence
to me these tears shall share what the 
world needs to know,
what tales should be revealed and cast
no longer best kept close to the soul.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.

Image from Pexels.

This poem was inspired by a prompt by @soulful_poetry_from_the_heart on Instagram, and the prompt I chose was “Rainbow tears”. Thank you to Hiya for her prompts. Please visit her Instagram for her beautiful, evocative poetry. 🙂
and please visit my Instagram @laurenm.hancock if you’d like to see more of my poetry and my past artworks and more.

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