Frustrated: 15/01/22

I over the melodramaticsThe bullshit sycophanticthe apparent rambling lunaticswhom do not know how to please themselves without easetheir problems can be oursBut I'm sick of being helpful divine whose put downI will launch a grenade and set myself alightI will smile as I dance with the powder beeswaxing with the moon and his counterpart Saturn [...]

Poem stream: premonition – 31/12/21

I dance with momentous energyflying through the silver screencalling to thee and welcoming, seethe seer within me drives to fleeand wanton moments desirous timesfly and wind designing mineand I realise the calling the calling of the designated stallingis in the horses radiancethe unicorns fallingsshe understands knows the truth is at handunravelling the dictations of the [...]

Poem: deviation – 29/12/21

the times are confusing my dearI stare him down in the facecommonplace, commonplace? Perplexed, no, this world can be full of hate.there are jerusalems and narnias and picturesque scenes and wild wild carsthe darkness darkness speaks to uswhile the light within calls to hershe speaks in riddles and rhymesenvelopes the timesthe signs the whines the [...]

poem: wonder – 20/12/21

I don’t wonder about the beauty of the moonlight I never question the luminosity of the stars what they mean when they’re together burning up in arms I don’t want to see them fall shoot across the sky because they’re already perfection in stationary twinkling searing being diamonds slicing the serenity of my eyes as I gaze into the epiphanies of my solar tides I can be without existing so it seems in this world, creation of myself affirmations I use as treatment my words treasure the ephemeral nights lit by haunting future days [...]

Poem: i will wait – 19/12/21

I wait for that moment when hearts will rise and beauty will glisten in both sets of eyes watching from afar away from my form I feel subtleties stiffen news break soft damn hands held in manner of peaked prism saying darling what you are thinking and I smile with little spurts of healing like a volcano rushes with ominous pace it travels there weaving and styling in its sleek attitude [...]

Poem: by the gods I have been blessed – 15/12/21

and I could not be any more grateful I present myself open arms tongue-tied fumbling for the right words to speak so thankful that I have been given this redemption this ability for reprieve for soul reflection for ascension I feel my spirit begin to detach and surround itself around my very corporal being enlightening my mind, freeing me from suffering there’s nothing to gain from retrieval of memories from ill historical and former focusing their blatant latent effect upon my cerebral and synapses firing in a manner so repetitively tiring my emotions couldn’t bear the calling, the calling oh, how I begged for their stalling [...]

Poem: wreathed, perpetually – 14/12/21

wreath me with the sadness that you couldno longer carrybattle heavy battle weary,I will shoulder the metaphoric that ate at your spiritentranced with the brightness of the airy and sycophanticI smile, for I will carry on this legacy in a different wayI will revitalise the mourning into celebrations setfor a glorious dayI will understand that [...]

Poem: reflection – 13/12/21

haven’t always been the best person haven’t perpetually been the kindest human in times of pain I lash out and let them have it my heart, wounded, dripping by the bloodied scourge and the very dagger sliced into my fragile ego drips drip drippps with overt sentiment and angry vehemence how dare I be slighted my mind will scream how dare I be wronged my pride shall call but the truth is, there are two sides to every story, and I can’t always be stuck playing, rewinding Side B hours and hours on repeat, lyrically paining. [...]