poem: envious ivy – 06/05/22

Envious ivy trails round

rotten doors,

entranceways metamorphic

shapeshifting then reality restored,

what lies behind the

reckoning of Time,

a conundrum, in fact,

sheer scope, Divine.

What cause cataclysmic

chasms to collide,

immediately doubling or tripling

in size?

Gargantuan are these sinkholes,

blackholes laid in store

as winding ivy bends

and twists,

collectively, more.

Soon woven are these

green weaves,

passing moments,

enveloping energies,

flowering, berry-rich moments,

envy calls as ivy trails

devotees show, shine,

true richness delves,

the party to which

we are already speaking,

river-rich mud,

plaintively reaching.

And clear away,

away, the thicket of

desolate ivy

leave none in store.

The truth to speak is passion,

enriched with something

quietly precious,

can you feel exhilaration

grow and soar?


(c) Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

Photo from Pixabay.

#poem #poetry #poems #poetryprompts

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