Poem: Beneath My Layers – 01/07/20

Sometimes, occasionally, I feel like I’m coming back to life.   When the outer layers peel down and around me, revealing the scintillating softness inside.   So curious am I to view and feel and touch this part of my identity, where I am completely vulnerable and wholesome and completely, utterly me.   This nature [...]

Poem: A Bipolar’s Addled Mind – Spoken Word and Text – 26/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/a-bipolars-addled-mind-spoken-word-poetry I shriek, my body flushed and covered with welts, my very first memory, my very first malady.   Illness will follow me wherever I go. My violin's bow hairs tightly hug the strings, as left-hand dexterity is a-flurry, the fruits born of my first psychosis, the magic of a mind wholly scattered and broken, [...]

Creative Nonfiction: Today’s Thoughts and Mood: A Truthful Account – 29/08/19

I think it’s time that I write how I feel today, a truthful account, that I will put to my name. Everything seems hopeless, I feel as though I’m nothing, not worthy of anything positive, to be written down, nothing joyous or amazing. Nothing can cheer me, it seems as though today’s sharply crested waves [...]