Poem: Truth Within the Marrow – 07/07/20

Occasionally, I struggle to find the words
to speak,
to correctly express
my sincerity,
because sincere is how I wholly desire
to be viewed,
and I don’t wish for any
unfair prejudice or judgement.
I simply wish for
the right combination,
the winning ordering that shows
everything in part
or in whole,
that which I deem as important to know,
little use would there be
in frightening myself into insincerity,
falsified expressions and pandering a-plenty,
disingenuousness and bent truths are not
how I’ve been raised,
not how I’ve been brought up to be.
Sometimes, I am too honest
and obvious for
my own good,
I can frighten or perturb
even those close to me,
with revelations,
with words they’ve never
seen nor heard,
they’d previously not have
considered them to be part of
my reality or path.
A close friend
recently listened
to my
recorded words,
which detailed several
mental health episodes,
my path, my mindset
was so unwell,
and here appeared shock,
stilted confusion,
quiet concern,
perhaps of my candour
and thought processes
he felt mildly aghast,
of the true extent of my illness
he had become more learned.
Unaware these prior thoughts
were what I had experienced,
for him, they must have
truly terrified.
I know for me,
at the time of their awakening,
some frightened the life
from me, too.  
But, I have this bone
within me
which I do not
want to pick,
in fact, it should be
lovingly stroked,
even strummed,
gently caressed,
because it assists
me with the melodies
of which I live, breathe and speak,
be they lilting,
or melancholy extended elegies.
The truth within my marrow,
it is rich and it is potent,
I will embrace it,
I will suck it clean,
I have allowed the taste 
to permeate my being,
and I will allow the honesty 
to embroil,
to envelope,
to overtake me.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image credit: Clipart Library.com - Wishbone   

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