Poem: Hollow Eyed – 13/10/19

 She hides between the curtains and the window
from nothing in particular,
allowing herself to view the wide-eyed smiling moon
casting its dancing light upon the dew dotted grass;
a nightly view so familiar.
The brightness is expansive in her vision
compared to the darkened room which she calls her home,
where upon the walls
she sketches blackened and angry or
haunted hollow-eyed figures
whom dance within her dark.
She aches inside for she feels
another’s soul-destroying pain,
unknowing how to assist,
to disallow this being from suffering
their despairing depression sunken,
their once-free heart
their once open wide days.
And knowing this other being is suffering
assists her to meld easily with him,
with her distress and unknowing
they speak well late into the nights
of sadness and pain and hurt upon the hours,
while living in this cocoon of black sombre wall faces and figures
and speaking of desires to once more be free,
from the wretched pains and emotional strains this being and her speak of
they were intertwined through their suffering.
There came times of poetic injustice
of teenage clichés and hidden wrists,
but they are not so commonplace with their
assisted wept sufferings.
These were simply times where these vulnerable beings
melded as one
to provide support, young love and concern,
and express their fluctuating emotions thereabouts.
For the brief moment in time
their stars and signs aligned
and they were both correct for one another and dangerous to be with each other.
For if the other one fell,
the other would surely fall deeper,
how far could one drop before reaching a void that one is not meant to visit nor seek?

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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