Poem: The Game of Life – 12/12/19

 Pinned to the game of life,
spin it for a consolation prize,
perhaps you’ll win
something extraordinary,
either way, relish the
pillaging of history.
The girl pinned on the wheel
is there unwillingly,
but she is there to provide smilingly,
there is always something to
gain from her presence.
Around and around
and upside down,
you’ll always win from her,
the game of life, this suits her.
She’s unable to remove herself,
free her stiffened limbs,
but she is here and she is potent
with her hidden mysteries.
She can speak of them freely,
but why bother,
some would balk,
others would make her a pariah
Best she smiles away and
preserves her words
spin the wheel of life,
there’s nothing of substance
which she wants to share,
nothing special which she’d rather say

Her silencing is absurd.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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