Prose: The Path of Self-Acceptance – 19/09/20

I lay my head softly to rest. It is morning, but I have been awake since eleven in the eve. I don’t toss and turn like some do when their mind is at unease, but I feel the dismay within. Or it may in fact be vehement, it may be sorry, it may be “How did I find myself in this circumstance?”, my life begs of me, tells me there’s other ways to go, and I wish I were strong enough right now to explore those paths, to find a different way for myself. Change appears to be [...]

Poem: Honestly – 11/09/20

Honestly, where is the truth within that I’m trying to seek? The impermanence of self-esteem to be built up, energetically tremulous then monumental but still humbling when it’s finally seen. The lacking of needing the approval or presence of those I’ve come to depend on, because the truth is, for personal growth I must move forth, look forward. [...]

Poem: The Thundering Waves – Spoken Word and Text – 22/06/20 The quiet solitude as waves roll in, their silent crescendos, thundering vibrations only I can feel within.   The rumbling of their presence marks tremulous tumultuous moments, fear impending, a sense of doom all around.   When did I sign up for this battlefield?   One in which only I can sense and anticipate, [...]

Poem: Illegible – 19/04/20

Illegible, illegible, the handwriting lies sprawled upon the page, not even smeared, but simply, completely unreadable and entirely, legitimately, incomprehensible.   How am I expected to return to these convoluted dreamy thoughts and emotions when the opportunity for self-manipulation of my subconscious silently lingers?   For this text holds secrets, expectations and extremities of the [...]

Poem: Girlish Dreams – 26/02/20

fairy bread and toffee apples and Barbie dolls and cupcakes pink princess outfits and friends' prematurely planned weddings and skipping rope and playing-house games   a little girl’s dreams so simple and easy to please those years in primary school where we danced on the rocks like sprites with ease   but then my dreams [...]