Prose: Imagining – 14/05/21

Imagine there was something which could easily read the words of your heart. Your joys, your aching, your frustration, and the spaces you keep for precious, invaluable art. Those masterpieces of memories and experiences which you love to hold, turn over in hands again and again, mesmerised, decisive, the experiences are able to be re-lived this way fruitfully, truth be told. You can inspect these cubes, forms, or spheres, or perhaps for you, they’re nondescript, simple [...]

Poem: Hoarder – 08/10/20

He hoards not objects, not physical implements but emotions, he caresses them, they express their feelings heard and meant. But he greedily takes these from others, swipe, snatch, grab, one hand carries the contents of another’s heavy heart, another carries pain and loathing in the other hand which seems it shan’t ever [...]