Poem: true fool – 24/11/21

from the depths of my soul from the gateways of my being I shudder with anger distilling through me its not purely the behaviour which perturbs it’s the repeat offending I know will remain present and untoward some will never change this I hold true pity me for believing I am a true fool. Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Prose: Imagining – 14/05/21

Imagine there was something which could easily read the words of your heart. Your joys, your aching, your frustration, and the spaces you keep for precious, invaluable art. Those masterpieces of memories and experiences which you love to hold, turn over in hands again and again, mesmerised, decisive, the experiences are able to be re-lived this way fruitfully, truth be told. You can inspect these cubes, forms, or spheres, or perhaps for you, they’re nondescript, simple [...]

Poem: The Colours – Audio and Text – 09/07/20

Audio: The Colours Jealousy, for some it’s serpent green, coils around the heart, constricting breath, lungfuls into parts. But, Hope, for me it’s amber, she’s millions of years old, and so much she has captured she’s not a gem but like royalty she’s treated as such. Hate, for me, deep red, blood-like, thickened, coagulating, too [...]