Poem: The Colours – Audio and Text – 09/07/20

Audio: The Colours
for some it’s serpent green,
coils around the heart,
constricting breath,
lungfuls into parts.

But, Hope,
for me it’s amber,
she’s millions of years old,
and so much she has captured
she’s not a gem
but like royalty she’s treated as such.

for me, deep red,
too thick to even be dripping.

Sunshine yellow Joy,
brightened, bold
she screams daisies
and wattles
and pollen
and bees bees bees
who hunt all on their own.

sheer panic
a crimson mixed with mauve and deep purple,
they clash,
no jiving,
but oh,
they make me feel so riled.

Anxiety is blue,
a strange colour,
I’d usually assign it
to melancholy,
depressive hues,
but this blue is muddy
it’s unpleasant,
makes me squirm,
I want to kick away the
irksome gloom,
wish for another
less patent leathery day.

And Mania,
she's all shades of fluro,
all colours of the rainbow glaring and
she stings my irises
constrict my pupils
her presence is a hindrance
but she's utterly tempting;
I stare and stare…

But Jealousy, he wants to lead the pack,
His neck coils around mine
decorating me like a
Medusa after the fact
I hiss him away
I don’t need us to conjoin or
with my innocent heart forcefully entwine.

I want my moods and colours,
to remain with me in compartmentalised ways,
each mood and hue have its own place,
I lay my head down to rest,
I’ll experience the colours another day.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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