Poem: Away Without Leave – 18/07/21

I am currently away without leave,
taken steps to walk from progress
so I can be there, to care
for the ones I used to revolt against,
those who love me with every inch
no matter past sadness,
but pray tell I do digress,
I need to be here,
not unavailable, but present,
my presence used to be far, far less.

I have relearned the role of
family amid this chaos,
upsets, Life’s bad news,
over years together when my
desire to stay home faltered,
when I needed to be
belligerent to others,
now those days have all but
faded away,
love grown and nurtured,
here I am,
I will stay,
give back
for it’s the least
I can do,
promise their needs will be
attended to,
it’s not about my former
wreckages now.

Gently, I will lace the new
understanding of family
and closeness and inherent need
and trust,
being here, breathing there,
even in silence
company is a must,
spread my opening wings around
their hearts,
stop the chance of bruising
through my chrysalis,
boy, am I wondering
will this ever be enough,
as repayment?
This tender notion of love versus love.

I am away without leave,
I have taken the time,
a step away from requirements,
daily life now starts to sway,
we are in our vortex where
time learns to stand still,
and we can appreciate one another’s
company again,
adoringly drink our fill.
For, time is fleeting,
Life seems to know that drill.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

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