Poem: Elegantly Numb – 12/08/20

When will you realise that to be elegantly numb is not courageous
but is rather like dragging fingernails across a broken board?
I understand the need to be empty and without feeling,
but this is not something to aim for,
best be open in what one is saying,
drag forth the pain and suffering to the morning,
to be laid upon the ground to be judged in its sheer distress,
an understanding that really, being unfeeling is nothing to reach for,
you must, we must keep deeply breathing.
To be elegant is to be stylish, graceful, beautiful,
to be numb, without any feeling, is quite the opposite, I feel –
why aim for this?
Some may think that it is a purposeful venture,
that there is melody in winding with notes of brutal,
unspoken tunes to be slotted together in a row,
a personal choir, an understanding that while magic can rise forth
from between their lips,
to be numb inside,
for the creation of music of the soul,
it is counterintuitive.
Rise forth from the personal gloom!
Let us improve our lives as we see fit,
and by that, I mean elevating our roles
which are not living for pain and suffering –
sometimes it is inevitable,
these sorrows in life,
but it is not outside of our means to alter
our perspective.
While one woman may be ailing from physical suffering,
another from emotional distress –
aren’t the overall effects the same thing?
And really, understanding that the viewpoint could need altering
to envelop these women and pillow-soften them from their suffering,
it is so important to consider and see.
But, there is no reason to make yourself numb simply
so you cannot feel,
understand the circumstances of your life better,
analyse them, truth be told, be bold,
and know that the while the circumstances may not change,
the reaction is coming solely from you.
Open the structure of your heart,
allow access,
and make others feel not your distress,
but view your kindness and worth plain to see,
you’re art,
you always were,
allow your heartbeat to run and run,
and now, with feeling,

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash

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