Poem: Luminescent – 02/05/21

The Moon in all his glory,  pale, craggy, yet luminescent,  he smiles down upon our Earth as though in a parody, a soft spot held for us, and meant. The Sun, she tries to jostle with him for pride of place in the sky,  I laugh, shake my head to myself,  I don't bother to ask her why.  They can and do co-exist,  but one's more prominent than the other,  I don't have to, [...]

Poem: An Eventful Evening – 27/04/21

A rambling here and there, a touch, a smile, humour is in the air, comfortability, company contained, thoughts shared, all aboard the rise and fall of the train. I don’t feel awry, do you? They shake their head, they know not to speak their truths, for if it were known how nervous one felt, the pressures of the heart would have to be spoke, a heart would have to admit [...]