Poem: The Smile – 25/09/19

 The Smile causes such greatness of cheer
wherever he happens to travel or whatever he happens to go near.
His charismatic image bears much bubbling mirth and joy
dispels any negativity or unwarranted misery
which others may know of
but for some reason cannot erase away -
helplessly they’d cry, "Why?"
One look upon his smiling face
his full beaming grin
would cause a person deep shivers of delight
a warmth of emotion growing from within.
For, The Smile was created and born with an intent
to make pain and sadness wiped away
away it would be sent
An encounter with The Smile could only result in a
permanent lift in mood
in one’s saddened state of affairs which would only leave
that individual’s mood rectified
it would be as though they were dancing pleased upon the moon.
The knowledge that such a being as The Smile exists
to cheer up our world often fraught with misery
makes me feel truly thankful and utterly blessed
that The Smile is here to rectify our occasional negative moods and process.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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