Poem: Draw Me From My Shell – 04/02/20

A wonderful morning for a joyous jaunt
with my dear friend and myself and I.
We chat about issues, we chat about friends,
we chat about everything,
it warms my heart to be there.
Coffee sips so sweet my lips smile indiscriminately,
one side curls up higher, as though far more pleased than
the other could be,
a twitch at that corner,
it shows my stupid happiness, I am giddy at being out in the open.
I’ve holed myself away for so long,
staring into the screen
fingers oozing over keys,
tap tap tap,
the solitude drew me in too far,
overly introspective.
Yet this outing is exactly what I’ve needed
lighthearted, going about to view things,
hoping to find something that catches the eye,
and a new path that I’ve turned upon,
where I’m exploring the realms but without
the mental instability clouding my research,
this is something worth delving into.
But now, we continue wandering,
talking about this and that,
and by now three hours have passed,
my friend, for your company, I thank you,
thanks for drawing me away from the negativity within me,
you’ve quite the knack at that.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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