Poem: Enchanting – 31/08/21

Visions beam, no visions blurred, enchanting be thy presence, welcome, my essence yours, entitled though the path once it might have seemed, bewilderment now as far as breath can be heaved. Pounding, irreverent, knocking at my door, ask permission? I insist you implore, wondering yet not at the soft curls upon my head, cascading down gentle curvatures, have I made my tired bed? [...]

Poem: I Am – 07/07/21

I am the whistle in your wheeze, the charmed sound that never leaves, the breath beneath your stare, the salt water evaporated in your hair. I am the pleasantries heaved when compliments attend to dreams, I am that catch in your voice when emotional you grow, that perceived weakness is your vice, the aching wants you feel and know. [...]

Prose: Imagining – 14/05/21

Imagine there was something which could easily read the words of your heart. Your joys, your aching, your frustration, and the spaces you keep for precious, invaluable art. Those masterpieces of memories and experiences which you love to hold, turn over in hands again and again, mesmerised, decisive, the experiences are able to be re-lived this way fruitfully, truth be told. You can inspect these cubes, forms, or spheres, or perhaps for you, they’re nondescript, simple [...]

Poem: The Queen Within my Heart – 07/09/20

The resident of my heart exists softly, she doesn’t want to alarm or perturb, she simply wants to be present, there for the aching and the suffering, to be able to offer some consoling, some comfort during times I’m self-annihilating. I cannot help it; sometimes I allow things to get to me, people, events, expectations overwhelm me, and this little vision in my chest, with fairy wings and conjured sparkles, brightened eyes, she soothes me, strokes my tender skin, calms me each day she’s needed. [...]